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Welcome to the Behaviour Wall

behaviourwall.com is a unique web-based resource that is proven to make a real difference in helping children and young people change their behaviour.

"I like the way it gives an understanding as to why some behaviours occur and what can be done." (Rob Long, Author and a Leading Speaker/Trainer on Behaviour)

Using the Wall you will be able to look beyond the behaviour and identify key underlying causes such as low self-esteem, difficulties in managing emotions etc. You can then create an individualised action plan with clear, realistic targets that address the youngster's needs.

Alongside the Wall is a comprehensive library of resources that will help develop your understanding of critical areas related to behaviour and emotional well-being.

So, whatever context you support children/young people in, find out how behaviourwall.com can help you ...

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"I have found the Wall to be an invaluable resource .... It has provided us with a model and language to make sense of the emotional dimensions of behaviour management.

An excellent bit of kit for curious professionals looking for solutions" Giles Barrow, Educational Trainer, Consultant & author of 'Delivering Effective Behaviour Support'

"I like the way it gives an understanding as to why some behaviours occur and what can be done." (Rob Long, 'Education Works', author, consultant and trainer)

'"The Wall has shown me that the pupil's behaviour problems were simply symptoms of a very narrow band of missing, inter-related developmental stages. The task of moving things forward is now a manageable one!" (Teaching Assistant)

"So often we concentrate on their literacy difficulties, but before we can address these we need to deal with their emotional issues and the Wall does this. And it's great for IEPs!" (Deputy Headteacher/SENCO)

"The Wall is an excellent visual resource which we have used with parents, work experience students and staff. We have found it to be a useable and manageable assessment tool that is accessible to all." (Sarah Austin, Pre-School Manager)

"Simply it's the best training I've had for years. It was the kind of training that goes with you and grows with you. ...The room was energised throughout the training, and staff are returning to teams quite excited and positive." Biddy Shepherd Assistant Regional Manager, Family Action

"The Wall and the training we received allowed staff at all levels to unpick the barriers to successful behaviour for learning and develop effective tailored strategies for our setting." (Mark Anderson, Headteacher, Huntingtower Primary School)

"Good to use in conjunction with SEAL." (Mentor)

"Very good resources that I think will be very useful to help understand some behaviours in the school" (Mentor)

"The impact of the training on behaviour and staff morale has been fantastic – we are now able to teach and children are able to learn!" (Heather Sandy, Headteacher)

"Definitely something which I will now use when writing my Pupil Acton Plans."(Behaviour Mentor)

"The wall is a fantastic tool to use for students who have behavioural difficulties." Deputy Headteacher

"A very good resource and it's easy to use." (Behaviour Mentor)

"Very, very good and it will prove extremely useful in my working environment. Looking forward to using this resource" (Behaviour Mentor)

"It is a fantastic resource to help visualise the Cycle of Development and understand the links between youngsters' behaviour and their stages of growing up" (Behaviour Mentor)

"The Wall is definitely something which I will now use when writing my Pupil Acton Plans" (Behaviour Mentor)


Latest News

Latest report from the Centre for Social Justice highlights the need to identify and address the underlying needs that drive challenging behaviours.

'No Excuses' is a review of educational exclusion. Amongst other things it stresses the need for schools and other professionals to "look beyond (pupils') behaviour and focus instead on their unmet needs." (p1 of the Executive Summary). One key area highlighted is the link between emotional development and challenging behaviour – which is precisely where the Behaviour Wall can help you.

('No Excuses' the full report and summary report can be found at http://www.centreforsocialjustice.org.uk/)