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Welcome to the Behaviour Wall

  • Are you struggling to make sense of a pupil's behaviour?
  • Do you have a hunch there might be social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs eg attachment, self-esteem, impulse control.
  • Have you 'tried everything' – and yet still see no change?

If you answered 'Yes' to one or more of these questions, the Behaviour Wall was created with you in mind, taking you through the developmental stages all children and young people move through from birth and into the teenage years. Troubling/troubled behaviours can be indicative of the need to revisit certain stages and/or growing up tasks. (Check out the Training Wall for more information).

With the Behaviour Wall, you can

  • Identify developmental tasks the pupil will benefit from revisiting to support changes in their behaviour.
  • Choose from proven strategies to promote not just behavioural change but also wellbeing
  • Suggest proven strategies to implement
  • Set measurable targets which can then be reviewed and progress celebrated.
  • Demonstrate the impact of your interventions, both for individuals and groups of pupils.

The ability to profile a pupil's development also lends itself to case study evidence. The Behaviour Wall is based on the cycles of development theory: Ilsley-Clarke (1989); Barrow, Bradshaw & Newton (2001)

Whole school wellbeing

Incorporated within the website is a tool to analyse key developmental areas that are continually recurring, both across the school and within specific pupil groups.

The result is an individual behaviour development support plan which can then be reviewed to celebrate progress and identify any subsequent next steps.

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