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Early Years Professionals

Emotional Health and Well Being

Increasingly, EYFS practitioners are finding the Cycle of Development material from this website to be extremely helpful in helping them to:

  • Support children develop their uniqueness as they increasingly get to grips with growing up socially and emotionally
  • Create an enabling environment where they can learn and thrive
Staff have started to use it, for example, to:
  • Support their assessment and profiling processes;
  • Improve transition arrangements between EYFS and Key Stage 1
  • Get a better understanding of the children's behaviour – and in particular whether behaviour causing concern is actually what is to be expected given the child's developmental stage or indicates the need for further support

Find out more about how the Cycle of Development and Behaviour Wall can help you ....


Development Matters and the Cycle of Development

An increasing number of EYFS settings are finding the Cycle of Development material to be an excellent complement to 'Development Matters'.

Click Here to see how Sarah Austin, an EYFS Manager, and Vikki Thomas, an EYFS consultant, have made to help you provide even better support for the children in your setting.


Making better sense of behaviour

Children's Behaviour
If you are puzzled, frustrated or curious about a child's behaviour, the Cycle of Development can offer some extremely useful insights into why children behave in the ways they do. Click here / Read more

What is the Behaviour Wall?
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The Cycle of Development Theory

What is it and how can it help me as a parent/carer?

More information:

What is the Cycle of Development? Overview of the Stages of Growing Up Download a set of affirmations
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