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Emotional Heath & Well Being

Emotional Health and Well Being

Behaviour, learning and emotional health and well-being (EHWB) are intrinsically linked to one another. Low self-esteem, difficulties with the appropriate expression of feelings, unhealthy attachment styles all impact in the classroom and elsewhere in the school.

In this section you can find out more detailed information about key aspects of EHWB, together with practical suggestions that can be applied in your own setting. You will also find links with the SEAL and SEAD materials.



Learn more about this critical area and how you can develop self-esteem in children and young people. Read more

Developing the Senses of Value, Competency and Control



Changes in school and/or home provide challenges and opportunities for youngsters to learn new skills.

Access a range of materials related to various aspects of transition including:


Developing pupils' social and emotional skills

Read an example of how the Cycle of Development material can be shared with pupils to problem solve situations and develop their social and emotional skills. Click here

Affirmations - These positive messages can be used to promote both promote youngsters' self-esteem and to also provide them with a voice to express their emotional needs.

Coming Soon - Read examples of how they have been used.
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Group Work - Developing Pupils' Social and Emotional Skills

This document highlights the invaluable contribution group work can make to helping pupils' revisit some of the key developmental tasks/bricks from the Wall. In this way they can learn key social skills and improve their emotional literacy. More information / Click here

Click here to view practical suggestions for enhancing group work support, especially for pupils with difficult/challenging behaviours.


Case Studies

Coming Soon...



For those schools and settings that use the Social and Emotional Aspects of Development and/or Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning materials, these have been cross-referenced against the developmental tasks from the Wall.

EYFS and the Cycle of Development - Making the links

Primary SEAL and the Behaviour Wall

Secondary SEAL and the Behaviour Wall



The Cycle of Development Theory

How can it help me?

More information:

What is the Cycle of Development? Overview of the Stages of Growing Up Download a set of affirmations
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