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Use the Wall

Tips on using the Cycle of Development - useful prompts

  • Start small and where you feel most comfortable. For example, you could focus on using a particular affirmation(s), either with an individual, a group or indeed a whole class. Alternatively you might want to focus upon a particular developmental stage.
  • Think about how you are already supporting your pupils' emotional development – and consider how the cycle of development material might enhance this. One of the key premises of this resource is that it builds upon existing practice – not replace it.
  • If you feel comfortable using the language of the affirmations, go for it! If not, think about other ways in which you could communicate these positive, affirming messages. The key is to avoid prohibitions such as "But's", "Dont's" or "Should's" or "Mustn't".
  • Don't worry about doing any "harm". Provided you use the model in ways that remain true to the principles that underpin it, you can't do any 'damage'.
  • If you have concerns that there are significant underlying issues/factors, including those related to mental health and child protection, you must make the appropriate referrals. The Wall resource is not intended to replace input from other professionals.

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