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Behaviour Analysis - Identifying possible triggers to and reinforcers of behaviour

Many staff will be aware of this method of analysing behaviour. Quite simply it involves recording:

  • Antecedents - otherwise known as the triggers. For example, a pupil's refusal to start tasks might be tracked to specifically it being written tasks that trigger this behaviour. This in turn will help staff to consider whether it is connected with an underlying anxiety of failing at it and/or not having the necessary skills to attempt it.
  • Behaviour - what the specific behaviour is that is causing concern. Phrases such as 'Is disruptive' or 'Always runs out of the class' need to be unpicked if an effective action plan is to be drawn up. What do you see the pupil actually do when she is disruptive? Which lessons does he exit from? This could be followed up using some of the solution-focused questioning such as 'Which lessons does he remain in?' ie the exceptions. On the downloadable Behaviour Analysis Sheet, additional information such as 'Where' and 'When' can help you to be as specific as possible.
  • Consequences - possible factors that might be reinforcing the behaviour eg recognition from peers, being sent out of the classroom (and hence being able to avoid the work) etc.
  • Click here to download a record sheet.