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Contracting - Sample questions to help pupils reflect upon their behaviour

  • Explain how the behaviour is impacting upon others and themselves
  • Ask the pupil what they would like to change
  • Explain in 2 sentences how the contract will help them


  • Work out with the pupil what they can do differently to improve their behaviour - use solution-focused questions
  • Discuss benefits and rewards of contract
  • Explain sanctions and costs of contract
  • Draw up a maximum of 2 targets
  • Emphasise that it is about their choices


  • Check out who the third party is that needs to be involved eg parent/carer; another adult in the classroom/school
  • Word the contract positively
  • Time structure it
  • All relevant parties to sign it
  • Regular reviews - 'How have we done today?'

Based on Barrow (2001)