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Using the Cycle of Development in the classroom - some suggestions

The stages, tasks and affirmations from the cycle of development can be used to promote pupils' well-being. It can also offer an interesting alternative way of exploring and reinforcing expectations around behaviour in the classroom.

Ideas for using the Cycle of Development in the classroom

The model can be used to help promote pupils' well-being and to reinforce your expectations about appropriate behaviour in a variety of ways

Using the affirmations
Remind the pupils that much of the time, these affirmations are expressed non-verbally It might be worthwhile taking specific affirmations and exploring how these are currently communicated in order to familiarise pupils with this.

  • What affirmations do we value most as a class?
  • Display some of the affirmations - do so on a rotational basis
  • Pupils choose what affirmations they need for the day/lesson - eg from a bowl or a container
  • Circle Time activities could have a focus upon a specific developmental stage with the corresponding affirmations
  • Problem-solving using affirmations
    Use affirmations to address specific issues as part of a problem-solving process - either as a class or a small group.
    For example, a child who feels on the outside of the group/class, could benefit from hearing "We're glad you're here" and "You belong here".
    The discussion could then move on to how the class can communicate this message
    Similarly, if some pupils have fallen out with one another, there could be some exploration around the affirmations "We still want to be with you when we differ and we can learn together", "You can learn when and how to disagree", "You can learn the rules that help you live with others"
  • Link affirmations with well-known stories
    eg fairy tales; DVD - can we identify particular affirmations that were shared between the characters? what affirmations might have helped them?
    "Monsters Inc" - "Mike's New Car" is one of the DVD extras and contains rich material for exploring affirmations related to getting on with others and managing feelings.