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Parents and Carers

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If you've ever found yourself tearing your hair out, frustrated, angry, maybe even despairing about your child's behaviour, the section of behaviourwall.com is designed to offer you some encouragement, practical tips and, most importantly, really useful insights into how our children grow up.

In particular you can find out about the different stages of growing up your child/ren goes through. Using the Cycle of Development theory, which the Behaviour Wall itself is based upon, we can get a better understanding as to what behaviours we can expect at different stages – and guides us as to what we need to provide them with to help them through these stages.



The foundation stone of happy, confident children
Parents/carers want their children to grow up believing in themselves and confident to face the many challenges they face. Building their self-esteem is a critical part of helping them as they grow up.

Read more about what self-esteem is

Find out practical ways to improve your child's self-esteem


Helping Schools and Parents to Work Together

Having to talk about behavioural issues can be a sensitive area – parents can fear that they will be blamed - and schools can worry that parents will blame them.

The Behaviour Wall helps to break down these possible barriers by offering staff and parents a shared way of understanding the behaviours that are causing concern.

You can find out more about how schools are using the Behaviour Wall by clicking here.



The Cycle of Development Theory

How can it help me as a parent/carer?

What is the Cycle of Development? Overview of the Stages of Growing Up Download a set of affirmations

The Nurture Structure Highway

This offers a very useful way to think about how parents/carers can strike a balance between providing nurture/care and structure (essentially setting of boundaries).

What is the Nurture Structure Highway?

Diagram of the Highway

Nurture Chart

Structure Chart

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