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The success or otherwise of any support interventions with pupils requires effective partnership working. Using the Transactional Analysis model of contracting can prove to be a particularly useful approach. It emphasises the need to ensure that the expectations of all parties - in this instance the pupil, the classteacher, other staff eg support staff and parents/carers - are taken into consideration before the support is agreed. Questions to guide this process might include: 'How will each of the parties - the pupil, the teacher, support staff etc - know that the support has been effective?' ' 'What resources are needed?'- including the provision of a room etc - practicalities that can sometimes be overlooked but that also have a significant impact upon the success or otherwise of the support.

Further questions can be found on the linked documents below.

A typical contract triangle in relation to supporting a pupil might look like this:


This can be extended to include other partners:


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