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Teaching and Learning

Teaching & Learning

Some of the most significant barriers to learning can arise from difficulties learners experience in relation to coping with the social and emotional aspects of learning. In this section of behaviourwall.com you can find out more about these - and practical ways to address them.

You can also access other resources designed to help you establish a positive, safe, well-ordered learning environment.


Identity and Self-Esteem

Task avoidance, Underachievement, Destroying work.
All of these are often connected with low self-esteem. Develop your understanding of this critical aspect to learning and behaviour and get practical ideas to address it.

Understanding Self-Esteem

Developing the Senses of Competency, Value and Control


Rules, Rules, Rules

Ever felt that pupils are paying lip service to your classroom rules? Here are some ideas to engage them more proactively.

Using Contracting with classes

Using the Affirmations from the Wall

Download your own set of Affirmations

Find out how a classteacher used the affirmations as the starting point for developing her whole class contract. (Coming soon)


Classroom Behaviour Management

Various resources to support you enhance your classroom learning environment.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment
Key principles for effective classroom management and practical tips.

Low Level Disruptive Behaviour
Preventing and Addressing LLD

Developing Emotional Literacy in the Classroom



For those schools and settings that use the Social and Emotional Aspects of Development and/or Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning materials, these have been cross-referenced against the developmental tasks from the Wall.

EYFS and the Cycle of Development - Making the links

Primary SEAL and the Behaviour Wall

Secondary SEAL and the Cycle of Development



The Nurture Structure Highway

This offers a very useful way to think about how school staff can strike a balance between providing nurture/care and structure (the setting of boundaries).

What is the Nurture Structure Highway?

Diagram of the Highway

Nurture Chart

Structure Chart


The Cycle of Development Theory

Find out about the different developmental stages pupils' move through and start to make the links with their learning and behaviour.

What is the Cycle of Development? Overview of the Stages of Growing Up Download a set of affirmations
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