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Working Together for Change

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The most effective and sustainable change occurs when children and young people are directly involved as active partners in the process. Find out how the Wall and its related resources can be used to empower youngsters by:

  • Promoting reflective thinking about their behaviour
  • Increasing self-awareness as to why they behave in the ways they do
  • Increasing their motivation to change
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Problem Solving

If there are specific behaviours that are causing concern you can work with the youngster to identify possible developmental tasks they could be supported with in order to modify their behaviour.

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These version enables yourself and the youngster to identify their strengths within each developmental stage, together with possible areas for support.

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Using this part of the website, youngsters can identify which affirmations- or encouraging messages - they particularly like to hear, giving adults a powerful insight into how best they can support them.

You can also print off your own set of Affirmations to use with youngsters - Click here


Effective Partnerships

Scaling and Solution-Focused Questions
Click here to find out how the simple yet incredibly effective tool of scaling can be used to:

  • Build youngsters' self-esteem
  • Set achievable targets

3 cornered contracting is a process that engages children/young people as active partners in changing their behaviour. Consequently, the support becomes more of something done with rather than 'unto' them
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The Cycle of Development Theory

What is it and how can it help me as a parent/carer?

More information:

What is the Cycle of Development? Overview of the Stages of Growing Up Download a set of affirmations
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